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Our Founder Mr. David Brandon formed the stamp company in 1961 from an office above his Father's confectioners shop in South London. He became a member of the P.T.S. in 1962 and finally resigned in 2004. Mr. Brandon's passion and eye for quality rare postage stamps ensured that the business grew rapidly and in 1975 this was transferred to a superb retail position in the Strand London, which in those days was a 'Mecca' for philatelists. Mr. Brandon sold this Strand shop in 1987.

We are longstanding members of the following trade societies

  • American Philatelic Society (Life Member) (USA)
  • South African Philatelic Dealers Association (South Africa)
  • International Federation Of Stamp Dealers Association (Worldwide)

In the past fifty years or so we have not only built up many clients and friends around the World but also what we believe to be the most significant stock of the finest investment quality rare stamps on the planet. Our expertise and unrivalled knowledge of the Rare Stamp market together with our integrity has firmly placed us as amongst the World's foremost Dealers in Classic British Commonwealth stamps and Modern Errors. We have built and helped to build some of the finest and most important stamp collections and investment portfolios for many clients. All our dealings are completely confidential.


Brandon Stamps has specialised in this proven alternative commodity longer than any other philatelic house

  • Believe it or not, our company has specialised in this proven alternative commodity longer than any other Philatelic house.
  • Ours is a more old-fashioned approach to investing, we have never needed to produce fancy colour brochures or continually advertise our services to those really in the know.

"Knowledge is Power" "Resources are King"

  • Our company guides an old-fashioned approach to investing, we have never needed to produce fancy colour brochures or continually advertise our services to those really in the know.
  • We are aware that long-term professional investors require the most important holding of rare stamps at their fingertips combined with an unmatched specialist knowledge and friendly, completely confidential un-biased advice. Our Unique position enables us to directly provide this service and commodity for high gain, historically low risk investment purposes, and over the last fifty years have managed many tens of millions of pounds for financial institutions, funds and high net worth individuals.
  • Our numerous services include the building and management of imperative rare stamp portfolios for profit. We suggest a minimum investment of £5,000 and for sole private investors would recommend a maximum exposure of no more than £2M which historically will return 7% to 10% per annum. We can also provide offshore secure storage and insurance should this be required.

The facts

  • Mean average percentage yearly growth 13.2% (source Investors Chronicle Aug 08)
  • British Commonwealth stamps have shown an overall increase of 112% over the last 12 years.
  • Great Britain Stamps have shown an annual increase of 86.4% over the last 12 years.
  • Over the past decade, stamps have outperformed the FTSE 100 index, the British housing market and even gold and are showing an annual increase of 39 per cent, taking the cumulative increase over the past ten years to about 250 per cent. (Source Times Aug 08)
  • Rare Stamps are the most portable, un-detectable international instruments of currency known to man and by weight are the most valuable commodity in the World.
  • There are currently circa. Fifty-two million collectors worldwide and that figure is continually rising.
  • Stamp collecting is one of the oldest pastimes, and has been so for over 180 years.
  • Stamp collecting is steadily growing worldwide and we have seen significant new activity from the Middle East and Russia and other emerging Far East & Asian Countries.
  • The hobby itself and the demand for quality rare stamps continues to rise as the recent financial crisis has led investors to look towards alternative investments resulting in premium examples of this commodity becoming scarcer on a daily basis, creating a higher demand and associated increasing values.
  • Unlike property and the financial markets, which continue to suffer greatly due to recent turbulent times, rare stamps have consistently out-performed any of these more 'pedestrian' investments and are proven extremely stable as they exist in low quantities and prices are supported by millions of collectors worldwide.
  • Rare stamps have shown steady growth during each five-year forecast between 1960-2012.

Please contact us in strict confidence by telephone +44 (0) 203 289 5201 or email enquiries@brandonstampauctions.com should you require any further information on the many services we can provide.


This graph shows performance of a selected fifty items, which were placed in a portfolio by our Company in July 2003 for £160,000. These were purchased back by our company in February 2012 for £285,000 leaving the client with an average 8.80% growth on investment per annum.


BrandonStampAuctions is 100% secure

Your peace of mind and totally un-compromised security is our main priority and concern when making transactions through our website. This is why Brandon Galleries uses latest high-end industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology on our site. This encryption process converts your payment details into code before securely transferring them. We fully guarantee your credit card details and email address are completely safe on our secure server. However, if you prefer to give us your payment details by telephone please call BrandonStampAuctions on 023 289 5201 Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 5.00pm GMT. You may also pay by cheque or bank draft bank transfer if you prefer.


The choice of whom to trust with the sale of your stamps is the most important decision any collector will make. The wrong choice will have catastrophic results.

There are significant benefits of getting acquainted with BrandonStampAuctions.

It is The Logical Choice as In order to maintain our position as The World's Leading Stockists in Rare Stamps from Great Britain and The Commonwealth means that we are continually looking to buy all major collections and important single items. Our Unmatched Knowledge of the Stamp market together with over 50 years of trading is your guarantee and in 99% of cases we pay more than any other dealer or auction house.

Just A Few More Reasons Why We Believe That Our honesty and integrity makes us the Collectors Preferred Choice:

  1. Confidentiality Is Assured.
  2. Unlimited Cash Is Available In Any Currency To Suit.
  3. Our Specialist Buyers Are The Most Knowledgeable In The Business.
  4. We have Accredited Representatives In Every Major Continent In The World.
  5. We have managed Numerous worthy Collections - Our Stamps Have Once Graced The Collections of King Carol of Romania, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Philipp von Ferrary, Sir Gawaine Baillie, Arthur Hind, Kanai, Rothschild and Caspary to name a few.

Let's Get Acquainted - Please contact enquiries@brandonstampauctions.com


All items are guaranteed genuine and of the highest possible quality unless otherwise stated. All exquisite stamps we handle carry an internationally acknowledged Expert Committee Certificate of Authenticity. Items offered with Certificates are sold on that opinion only. We feel that it is important that you feel confident when buying stamps from us and appreciate that it is sometimes difficult to envisage that the stamp you have purchased will live up to your high level of standards. With this in mind, we offer a FULL UNCONDITIONAL REFUND if for any reason you are not happy with your acquisition within the period of 14 days from receipt. Our unrivalled 55year reputation and outstanding stock is you guarantee of excellent service and complete satisfaction. All stamps of the Queen Elizabeth II reign can be considered Post Office fresh mint never hinged unless otherwise stated.


We accept payment by GB Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars in the form of cheque or bankers draft or by direct bank transfer. All major credit cards via our completely secure site server.


Upon receipt of payment your order will be promptly dispatched by Recorded or Registered Mail according to value. Overseas clients who place larger orders may request express courier delivery by FEDEX for an additional fee.

Please note:

Whilst we take every care and security measures possible when sending items by obtaining correct postal receipts. We cannot and will not be held directly responsible for items proven to be sent and received but then disputed by recipients. We cannot be responsible for items mislaid in the postal system once they have left the UK. If you live in a country where there can be delivery 'difficulties', we recommend that you request FEDEX courier service.

  • All items listed are available and currently in stock - please allow AT LEAST 48 hours for dispatch as all items are held in safe deposit. This site is protected by latest high-end industry standard secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption technology.

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